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Help The Mule Deer Population

The mule deer population on Elk Ridge in San Juan County Utah is severely depleted. The drought has taken a toll on the deer. A current study on collared mule deer fawns has shown that predators are a limiting factor to the recovery of mule deer populations. San Juan County cannot afford to lose many more deer. We can’t control mother nature, but we can do something about the predation on mule deer.  

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What we do:

Bring awareness

Why does it matter?

The deer population in San Juan County has been slowly depleted in the past decade. Due to drought, and lack of predator management, the mule deer have suffered. The mule deer are a passion for hunters and the most sought after big game animal.

How can i help?

Zero Preytalities wants to help the mule deer population recover by assisting with predator control. We will be raffling tickets for a 2020 deer tag covering the 72/73 unit in Colorado. This unit is in southwest CO, in the four corners region and hosts a 60% success rate. These units have an impressive mule deer selection.

harvested on the 72/73 unit in Colorado
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Current Raffle tickets for:

Mule deer voucher for southwest Colorado

Hunt Details

This raffle is for a unit 72/73 Colorado deer voucher for 3rd season rifle hunt. Hunt dates are Nov. 7th-13th. The average tag price for this hunt is $3,500. But, that is not all. Zero Prey-talities is also giving away a mystery rifle.  Purchase your raffle tickets on our website for a chance to win!

Excellent Gift

Looking for the perfect gift for the hunter in your life? Buy raffle tickets for your loved ones to have the chance to win the hunt of a lifetime. Click the button below to enter the raffle!

Located in southwest Colorado

You will be hunting on the Utah/Colorado border near Cortez, CO. The land covers the San Juan Nation Forest as well as the Canyon of the Ancient Monument. The area covers well over one thousand six hundred square miles. 

What Drives Us

Our Mission

We want to do what we can – when we can. Zero Prey-talities is offering an alternative action to predator management. We want to support the mule deer population in San Juan County, Utah by offering hunters an opportunity to put funds toward a hunt. We use funds from the raffled hunt towards awareness of the diminished mule deer population and predator control.

Where donations are used:

  • Help to fulfill the Lion Quota on the San Juan Unit
  • Take youth on lion hunts
  • Increase bounty on coyotes
  • Collected deer data, such as counting deer, classifying deer, and attending working groups with the UDWR
  • Newsletters that will be sent out that will educate the public on the mule deer model used by the UDWR. Also the history of the mule deer population over the years, harvest of lions, bears, coyotes, etc.

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